Episode 3: Embedded PLG
The rare case of successful product led growth in Healthcare with Royce Brunson of Health Recovery Solutions

Written by: Jason Tissera Tuesday April 18th 2023

This week on Embedded PLG, I was joined by Royce Brunson, Chief Commercial Officer at Health Recovery Solutions. Due to a big focus on lifetime value, high-touch sales process and large annual contracts - Healthcare isn’t a typical candidate for product led growth - But HRS has seen 12x growth over the last three years by leveraging PLG in tandem with their field sales team led acquisition model. Royce explains how HRS successfully uses PLG on the backside of their sales cycle for upsells, cross-sells and expansions, all while removing friction. 

Royce stresses the importance of collecting user data/behavior and segmenting customer bases to find the inflection point of value realization by segment, as it can greatly vary by customer size. He also advises on the importance of efficient growth and how it’s currently a priority to investors vs. previous trends of “growth at all costs.”

While Healthcare is definitely a rare case for PLG, Royce demonstrates how they used it as a key ingredient for their growth strategy “secret sauce.” The full episode is available to watch, and there’s a transcript available for those who prefer to read. I want to thank Royce for joining me and sharing the recipe for HRS’s growth success. 

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