Episode 1: Embedded PLG
What can Tony Robbins teach you about product led growth?
With Patrick Ward of Rootstrap

Written by: Jason Tissera Tuesday April 4th 2023

In this episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Patrick Ward, the VP of Marketing at Rootstrap. We talked about how to create engaging product experiences that provide value for both users and businesses. Patrick shared his insights and success stories from MasterClass and the app that powers the online community for the Tony Robbins Experience.

We discussed how setting clear project goals, delivering a seamless user experience, and creating a scalable technical infrastructure can increase customer retention and revenue. Patrick gave examples from his experience and emphasized the importance of each step.

One of the most interesting things we talked about was the impact of powerful product experiences on community growth and revenue during real events. Patrick highlighted how the Tony Robbins Experience has been able to achieve this by creating a seamless and engaging product. He also gave credit to the backend engineers for their hard work in making the experience seamless for users.

Overall, Patrick proved to be a true thought leader, providing insights on scaling, entrepreneurship, and how product experiences can be an effective marketing tool, especially when working with high-profile individuals like Tony Robbins. The full episode is available to watch, and there's a transcript available for those who prefer to read. I want to thank Patrick for joining me on the podcast and sharing his valuable insights.

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