Episode 2: Embedded PLG
Strategies for Early Stage
With Tony Yang of Mucker Capital

Written by: Jason Tissera Tuesday April 11th 2023

This week on Embedded PLG, I was joined by Tony Yang, Growth Advisor at Mucker Capital. In Tony's role, he helps startups define the right go-to-market strategy for their business and we hear what he's learned working with (and for) early stage companies over his impressive career.

Insightful and experienced, Tony knows a great deal about product led growth, but is also keen to advise that a combination of strategies may best suit an early stage startup. Tony also counsels new tech product companies to focus more on solving problems in the market and becoming acknowledged industry experts vs. spending (often limited) resources on advertising, PR and other marketing for their brand when launching.

Tony shares multiple strategies to gain the critical first active users and ultimately achieve the end goal of converting and retaining paid product users. From testing various tactics from varying trial periods to paywalls, we get several real-world insights from what he’s seen with early stage products with offerings ranging from low monthly fees to six figure annual enterprise solutions.

Tony provided incredibly valuable do’s and don’ts while reminding us that there isn’t a one size fits all go-to-market strategy. The full episode is available to watch, and there’s a transcript available for those who prefer to read. I want to thank Tony for joining me and sharing his wealth of knowledge.

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