Episode 4: Embedded PLG
How atomic units and North Star metrics transformed Slack and Netlify into juggernauts
With Nino Medina

Written by: Jason Tissera Tuesday May 10th 2023

This week on Embedded PLG, I was joined by growth expert Nino Medina, who’s pedigree includes tech giants Google, Slack and Netlify. As a seasoned growth advisor, Nino has seen how critical fundamentals are to early stage growth. Defining atomic units and North Star metrics were key to propelling Slack and Netlify into the stratosphere, and Nino shares how using data and sticking to the product’s fundamentals proved to be potent rocket fuel. 

Working with a wide range of B2B and B2C companies, Nino has seen consistent priorities from leaders spanning small to large businesses, namely “how can we do more with less?”  He further illustrates how the definition of “more” has evolved - with prior goals of growing metrics such as traffic and users (and tackling monetization later), to the present-day where “more” is directly measured by revenue and profitability. 

Nino stresses that for startups, velocity is key, and while having limited user data makes growth challenging initially, he advises to prioritize focus on product value and market fit during early stage. As users grew at Slack, Nino saw through data and segmentation that many early adopters were small teams within organizations and that the value these teams were receiving through product could bridge sales to enterprise contracts with the companies they worked for. 

Nino’s insights and depth of proven product growth success is incredibly valuable for all startups and I am incredibly thankful for Nino taking the time to join me on Embedded PLG.

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