Episode 5: Embedded PLG
Designing a playbook for product led growth and AI's role in the future of PLG
With Mario Araujo

Written by: Jason Tissera Tuesday May 10th 2023

In this timely episode of Embedded PLG, we are joined by Mario Araujo, B2B Growth Advisor at Product Led. Mario taps into his vast experience of driving growth at companies including OutSystems, softr, FourKites and Graphext to discuss PLG in the current economic climate and how ChatGPT and AI can be leveraged to streamline Product Led Growth.

Mario is also the host of the PLG False Starts Podcast so he’s no stranger to PLG journeys and more importantly, the failures and missteps along the way to many Product Led Growth success stories. Demonstrating product value early on is just one of the sage advisories from Mario and he elaborates on how even small changes on a company’s website can vastly improve PLG.

With economic factors putting pressure on reducing costs and time to complete sales cycles, Mario stresses the importance of cross-functional team alignment, managing expectations and understanding the investment required for PLG success. He also shares his take on how AI and ChatGPT can be utilized to analyze customer feedback, sales funnel data and user behavior to find trends and inform further testing - and ultimately accelerate Product Led Growth.

We are extremely thankful for Mario’s time and insights as a trusted and proven PLG expert.

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